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What kind of wiping rag company are we?

ERC Wiping Products

  When people ask me what I do, I say: “I’m in marketing”. The follow up question of course is, “well, what do you market”?

Color Coded Rags and Other Infection Control Tips

Infection Control

  With the flu and cold season rapidly approaching, the control of bacteria becomes ever more important. In 2009, we saw how quickly germs can spread around with the outbreak of H1N1, and we continuously hear about new contagious threats.  So, what can we do? We can be proactive. We can use the best products and methods to wipe germs and bacteria away. Cotton rags and mops are out; microfiber and pre-saturated disinfecting wipes (gym wipes) are in. 

8 Cleanroom Wipes Factoids

Clean Room Wipes

8 Interesting Facts About Cleanroom Wipes

A Gym Towels Salesman’s Worst Nightmare

ERC Wiping Products

Over in my corner of the office (where the magic happens), I am completely isolated from everyone, except from my fabulous Vice President. But, even though I am secluded, I can still hear our sales reps on the phone talking to customers and prospects.

Color Coded Cleaning: Colordentify


   Colordentify….the name hit me out of nowhere.  We were trying to figure out a good name for our color coded rag/mop program, geared towards hospitality, healthcare and facility cleaning.    We have had a color coded rags program in place for many years, but never had a name for it.  So several years ago while we were brainstorming I came up with a term I thought would catch on…Colordentify…Color for the various color options, and Identify, so you can easily identify what cloth you need for your task on hand (like red for bathrooms, blue for general cleaning, green for food areas, etc.).  Put those two together, and you’ve got Colordentify….I thought it rolled off the tongue but one expensive trademark later, I’m not so sure.

Gym Wipes: Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

gym wipes

Over the years, we have found that our customers all ask us the same questions when it comes to gym wipes, especially in regards to switching from paper towels/spray bottles to gym wipes. Below are a few of the top frequently asked questions and our answers. 

Bar Towels, Kitchen Towels, or Whatever you Call Them

Bar Towels

“You can call me Ray” was a funny TV skit from the 1960’s. Ray J Johnson would say: "You can call me Ray or you could call me Jay or could call me….."

Recycled Rags: The options are plentiful

Recycled Rags

  Whoever has said a rag is just a rag obviously hasn’t contacted us.  In fact, we’ve made a business around hundreds of different types of wiping rags.  Your wiping rag can be one of your most important tools, and using the right wiper can save you time and money.  There are so many rags out there, but we are very proud of the fact that we recycle millions of pounds of textiles annually.  Many of our recycled rags are made from textiles that were bound for the landfill. Turning them into wiping rags helps to extend their lifecycle, and reduces your carbon footprint.

Lint Free Wiping: How lint free is lint free?

Lint Free Wipers

  Lint: there’s dryer lint, lint on your navy blue suit, lint on your black pants from a white napkin, even belly button lint. And as far as wiping goes, finding the right lint free wiper depends on the application and the industry.  

Microfiber Cloths & Car Wash Towels Questions Answered

Lint Free Towels

  Towels are an important tool at your car wash, whether you are using them to dry the body, to clean windows, or for detail.  Most towel vendors also carry other products associated with general wiping and cleaning.  Once in a while I like to share the questions that we get asked by customers and prospects.   The following are some questions asked over the years from our car wash customers (not all of them are necessarily towel related). 

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